Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Unwrapping the Machine: Brother CS6000i

Hey everyone!

So it's time for me to dig in to some new cosplay projects. I have an event coming up in a week that demands I repair one of my old costumes. I finally decided to open up my new machine and check out how she sews!

I received the Brother CS6000i as a gift for Christmas. I was so excited to finally have a new machine, as my old one had a few broken parts that would cost more money to repair than getting a new machines. I opted in for the new machine.

After working with my previous machine under broken confines for quite some time, it truly was incredible to open this one up and see how things have changed. While the layout is the same, there are little quirks to this new model that really make my life easier. Previously, I had a Singer machine - it was amazing while it lasted, although not being able to wind bobbins was a major drawback (It broke fairly early on - and I had to hand-wind all of my bobbins for years).

Making the switch to Brother was easy. The machine is significantly lighter, and the interface is quite clean. I went from digital to digital, so having the stitches and LCD display was familiar for me. The buttons are in new places but it's not too bad!

Having gone through the "new machine" experience before, I was much more equipped to handle the unboxing. I highly recommend spending some time looking through the manual - not only does it have setup and care instructions for your machine, but it outlines recommended needles, materials, and stitches for your various projects. Purchasing machines through big brands such as Brother or Singer are a great choice for people who are newer to sewing - or, more experienced sewers looking to expand their techniques.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet this machine was - maybe my old one had gotten louder over the years: it sounded more and more like a squeaky wheel as it worked (despite my constant cleaning and oiling). This lady sounds like a little RC car that barely makes a whisper!

One of the best parts of this package deal was that the machine came with a hard case. This will not only keep everything clean, but, it will also protect your  machine from general wear and tear! If you're like me, you enjoy lugging your machine from house to house for crafting parties with your friends.

My box came with:

Hard Case
Manual / Paperwork
Quilting / Oversize table

I can't wait to share some progress pictures as I continue to explore with this  new machine. Hopefully I'll have some updates in the week to come. In the mean time, feel free to check out the facebook page or youtube channel for further information! Thanks for stopping by.

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