Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update 4.24.13

Hey everyone!

I thought it was about time for an update, as it's been a few weeks (or a month!) since my last post. I was doing pretty well with continuous updates, but, everyone knows that work/life hits hard here and there!In the meantime, I do have some fun things to update, although I don't have any cool pictures to show yet. In the costume world, I've been pretty busy.

After moving to Southern California for university, and then hanging around here to work full time, I haven't been able to attend a Renaissance Faire (like the one I used to frequent up North). Recently I discovered a group of friends who enjoy going, so I'll be attending two weekends in May this year!I ordered my very own costume, or, parts of it really. I grabbed a nice skirt, and blouse, and I'll be using the corset I used for my Popuri costume (I love versatile pieces!). I'll definitely be sharing pictures of the costume, although it won't be sewn by myself, as this is something I would love to work myself up to.

In addition to this, I've also been planning a lot for my Blizzcon costume. While I was unable to get started on my Ni No Kuni costume in time for Fanime, as I won't be able to go this year, I decided I should at least get going on my Enchantress. I worked with a friend of mine to start doing some basic armor patterning, and we got to work on the shoulder pieces. I am using Wonderflex for the pieces of armor that need to be sturdier (that will likely get a little beat up), and Worbla for everything else.

I found I wasn't very equipped to be working on such an advanced costume. Previously, I've made my costumes with my little machine on the floor of a dorm room, or on the little dining room table in my very first apartment shared with friends. Now I've got more space, time (sorta), and money. So I've invested in some new cosplay tools:

A Dress Form

So excited to finally get to use one!

Dritz Sew You Dress Form
I can't believe I haven't had one of these yet. I've been guess-measuring myself for years, and making patterns directly on the fabric, or out of wax paper because that's the only thing I had handy. Having a dress form is a huge asset when it comes to making costumes that fit, and look polished. I no longer have to sew a piece, attempt to hold it up to myself, and run into the bathroom to look at the mirror. 

Not only that, this will help SO much when it comes to armor attachment to the base. For the Enchantress, she has a base robe/dress that will have most of the armor attached to it. Having the dress on the dress form and there to help size/fit the armor will make the process much easier. 

You can find dress forms at many local sewing stores (such as Joanns), or, on amazon. Luckily I had a prime account, so I snagged the one (pictured to the left) on prime and got free shipping! Prices also vary dramatically - so find one that fits your budget. I chose one on the cheaper side, because, I won't be making too many tight-fitting outfits that rely heavily on the measurements. Mine will mostly be for general fit, draping, and attachment.

A Heat Gun

The magic armor tool!

Wagner Power Product Heat Gun
Since starting to explore the world of armor, I've found this was a necessary purchase. Many tutorials for Worbla/Wonderflex say you can eat the material in an oven, or over a stove, but from my small bits of experimentation, I've found the heat gun to be the most direct, confined, and effective.

Amazon had a great deal on these, and they were surprisingly cheap. Not only that, this is a cool tool to have for many crafts! I'm tempted to use it for some of my Perlers, since my iron seems to hate making those come out evenly.

With Amazon Prime, got this baby for $22 and free shipping. Not bad, right?

Cosplay News

As for the cosplay update itself, here are a few things I've been working on:

  • I purchased the fabric for the Enchantress and I am really excited to get started with it. Still deciding if I'll have to line the bodice of the dress, but I'm hoping this fabric will hold up okay.
Check out those amazing colors!
  • Started playing around with Wonderflex for the armor. I'll write up a more official post about my experiences with Wonderflex, as well as Worbla, once I get some more trial-and-error in. For now, here's a picture of the beginning of the shoulder! I've layered two pieces of Wonderflex together, sealed around a similarly-shaped piece of foam.
Wonderflex Shoulder

That's it for my update today! Hoping to get started on some sewing soon, so look for more posts on that. Please feel free to check out my twitter account for more frequent updates, and pictures. My facebook is also a great place to see pictures and further communication!

Thanks, everyone!


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