Monday, October 29, 2012

Pandaren Monk [1.1]

Hey everyone!

Here's one of the first of my promised posts. Since the lapse in updates from the site, I've completed one cosplay and I am currently in the process of making another for Halloween (so it'll be done in a few short days!).

So I was really excited for the up and coming World of Warcraft expansion that was released on September 25th. I've never attempted to make a Blizzard cosplay before, but I thought this was my chance! I didn't want to do anything too complicated, with tons of fancy armor or weapons. I got a small group together and we each made the Monk starter-gear.

I decided from the get-go that I wanted to be a Panda. I mean, it was the new race being released and they had some pretty sweet models (and who doesn't want to be the race that gets to sleep, eat, and drink all day?). Below you can find some of the reference shots that I used.

Female Pandaren Monk
This was some of the concept art from the game, and so I thought it was good to work with. It had a great picture of colors and proportions. So I used this picture for the most part.

In-game model of the Female Pandaren Monk
Above is a great turnaround for reference that wasn't out when I was making this cosplay, but should be very useful to any of you looking to do this! What's nice about this costume is that it was easy, affordable, and comfortable to wear!

Browse the following links for the various tutorial parts on how I made the costume:
Pandaren Monk [1.2] - Sewing
Pandaren Monk [1.3] - Accessories
Pandaren Monk [1.4] - Becoming a Panda

Below are some pictures of my final costume, and how it all turned out! Please feel free to ask any questions or leave comments! I'd love to hear your feedback. As always, I learned a lot about making this costume. And this was a different experience for me, as I worked with a team.

Posing with my other lovely Monks~

We found some real Pandas at the WoW:MoP launch!

Thanks again for reading everyone! Look forward to posting again soon with new tutorials and updates!



  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial, you look awesome. Gonna have to give this a go soon!

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