Saturday, May 7, 2011

Diary of a Summoner [Vol. 1]

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Sarahceratops and I have been swamped this semester/quarter with classes and clubs, etc. and haven't had much time to post or work on cosplay. But rest assured that we are working now as we count down the days until Fanime and Anime Expo!

We are very excited to be doing Final Fantasy this year. Previously I was going to be doing Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, to go along with Sarahceratops' Dagger, but I decided against it. I wasn't going to have the resources to do the cosplay to its fullest, and decided that I'd rather finish the game first before cosplaying from it.

As a result, I decided to do Yuna Braska from Final Fantasy X. She was probably one of the first video game characters I fell in love with, and sparked my passion for cosplay. I knew as soon as I saw her costume, and related to her character, that I wanted to make my own. So many years later, here I am taking on the task of sewing Yuna.

Breaking down Yuna's costume is quite simple. She has the skirt, the top, the obi, and the sleeves. Along with that she has her accessories and the staff. I'm not going to be able to do the cool breakdown I did for Vivi with the pictures, but her costume images are easily found online. If you need help finding high res ones, let me know. One of the first decisions you will have to make is if you are going with the CGI colors, or the artwork/in game colors. She tends to have more purple in her skirt if you look at the clips of movies from the game in comparison to the artwork. So do what you can with the fabric you can find (that's what I did at least). My blue is a bit in between the artwork and the CGI so I guess it's a mix of both worlds.

For now I'll just do an update of what I have done so far with the costume. I ordered her wig which looks quite nice actually. I will only have to trim the bangs and bit and get the back to lie straight more (it got a little curvy in the shipping process). I also ordered her necklace on ebay but I'm not very pleased with how large it is. I'll probably end up using it for Fanime but if I have time to make my own before AX, I probably will. I also made a really successful fabric run where I found all of my fabric! The only thing left fabric wise is to bit the RIT dye to work on Yuna's sleeves. As for sewing, I truly haven't done much. I started working on Yuna's obi by applying interfacing to give more strength to the fabric. And that's about it!

So here is my plan. I finish finals on May 19th, and will drive home on May 20th. So starting May 21st, I am going to be cramming on my cosplay! If I could finish Princess Peach in one day, I can definitely finish Yuna in one week. So stay tuned because I am hoping to edit some videos Sarahceratops and I took and posting them in between studying for finals. Thanks again for all of your support everyone!


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