Sunday, April 10, 2011

Diary of a Runaway Princess [Vol. 2]

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while since my last update with how my cosplay is coming along, but to be honest I am a lot later starting than usual this year, I have a lot to do yet before Fanime!

First things first, I've purchased all of my fabric for the jumpsuit/shirt of Dagger's dress. The white cotton was the easiest to purchase, just needed to make sure it wasn't going to be seethrough and it was a pretty cheap fabric. I'm excited to sew that because it's all poofy and looks like a Renaissance top. I am least excited to sew the jumpsuit, it is skintight and is unlike any sort of pattern so I am on my own. The particular orange that it is proves difficult to find in fabric form exactly, my experience with looking at fabric is that they are usually too neon orange or too light.

I originally bought an orange gabardine fabric, but upon exploring my Joann's near my college I found a jersey-like knit orange that is stretchy and will be much less difficult to make form fitting. I am taking video and pictures of my progress in sewing the jumpsuit, because as far as I can tell no one yet has a video or written tutorial in how they made it, and I would want people to learn from my mistakes. :]

Secondly, I am purchasing some part of the accessories soon online, namely parts for the pendant and the wig.

For the pendant, unfortunately, after looking around at various tutorials and reference pictures the best crystal I could find online is also the most expensive option (at $42 after tax and shipping). Other options I explored were to buy a plain octagon crystal instead of the one featured (which has been sprayed with special color coatings to make it shine) and to purchase iridescent glass paints in greens and yellows to try and replicate it. While I would be totally up for this, the price of just finding an octagon crystal of this size is comparable to the price of the beautiful one that is already so perfect (especially adding in the cost of the paint), so I will swallow the crazy cost of buying the crystal. The crown topping the pendant I will be making out of clay and/or model magic, and then spraying with silver spraypaint, and purchasing a silver chain to pull through the already drilled hole in the crystal.

I have changed my mind on the wig from cosplaydna that I last featured, this one is a bit cheaper and I don't need it to be as long as the other one. I am hoping to get it cut for me, the only other time I have tried to cut hair was when I was 10 and gave myself bangs that were about an inch higher than my eyebrows. Only the front of it needs to be cut to frame my face, the rest goes into a ponytail behind me into a bow.

This is all I have to update with for now, hopefully I will have another update soon after I have bought more things to start making the accessories.


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