Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Diary of a Runaway Princess [Vol. 1]

Greetings from Princess Garnet!

As Alaurei filled you guys in already, we're doing FFIX for this year's conventions. I'm super excited because this is my personal favorite Final Fantasy, and have always wanted to cosplay Garnet/Dagger. I enjoyed the storyline of IX, for me it felt unique and heartfelt as well as humorous because of Zidane and Vivi's commentary. My costume is a little less hectic than Alaurei's, as Vivi is more labor intensive to work on, but here is the process of how I broke it down.

Reference Pictures: These are the best pictures I have found so far, it's extremely difficult to find good pictures for any Final Fantasy pre-FFX as the pictures are going to be rather small or (in my case) mostly from the same angles. The best help for Alaurei and I comes from detailed pictures of the action figures or fan art in some cases.

So here's my breakdown of each piece that I'll need:

The Wig

I know for sure I want to cosplay her longer hair, that's what she has for the majority of the game and I like the way it frames her face and goes down her back. It's going to be tied with a bow, which will be pretty easy to do.

It's hard to find a wig that matches exactly, so most likely I will buy something like this and take it to get it layered or cut. This is cosplaydna's website, they have a bunch of great stuff if you are willing to give it some extra love to cut or style it.

The Jumpsuit

The fabric choice and color is the hardest part to contemplate in making the jumpsuit. I've seen people do spandex, but I wasn't happy in how that appears in the final result. Also finding the exact right orange without going to bright or too dull is difficult with the limited fabric choices. On my most recent fabric run I found something called Garbardine Polyester that looked perfect, it was in a shade called "Tangerine" at Hancock's Fabric in the Bay Area. I'm waiting on purchasing anything until I've evaluated all of my options, but that looks to be the best bet.

The hardest part about actually sewing the jumpsuit is going to be figuring out how to make the buckles on her thighs, and sewing the bodice so that it can lace up the front and not bunch up.

The Shirt

This is what I am least worried about sewing, it resembles a Renaissance-style kind of loose tunic and I was hoping to find a pattern that closely resembles it. My preliminary search for patterns was fairly successful, I found one in a Simplicity catalogue that I think resembles best the neckline and poof of the sleeves. I'll have to alter where to gather it, but that shouldn't be a big deal.

I'm thinking about using some sort of thin cotton material from the Muslin section at the fabric store, but really any kind of white cotton material works which makes me very happy.

The Pendant

This is going to be challenging to replicate, mostly trying to find a crystal that big. Also the crown top will be hard to get right, I want it to be metal but I wouldn't even know how to start that.

I found one website that looks promising but pricey for the crystal, a 2 inch octagon crystal running around $20. Alaurei was also thinking maybe I could try making my own mold and pouring clear resin into it, since although resin is expensive it would be cheaper than this.

I want to make sure that the pendant is shiny and big enough, it's a huge part of the storyline of the game and an important part of her costume. :3


I'm still not sure where to start with the shoes, I want to make my own but I've never made shoes before so that's going to prove difficult. D:

I've seen people do her shoes really well, so maybe I'll investigate those attempts further, I think making them would be cheaper than buying and modifying a pair of existing boots.

The gloves I will most likely buy online, I could make them but I'm not sure how to make them fit snugly.


I've looked around at pictures of her weapons (the most help came from the Final Fantasy Wikipedia list of FFIX weapons) and I would be most interesting in recreating her Healing Staff, I like the red/off white contrast and I think it suits her character.

I like having a prop to carry around, it makes it fun for photoshoots and posing in general if you have something to work with :)

And that's all I have so far! Alaurei and I go shopping sometime next week for fabric, and we'll begin sewing soon. Once we start sewing we'll have video updates, so thanks for sticking around guys! I'm very excited for this convention season. :3


  1. SO STOKED FOR ANIME EXPO!!! i cant wait to see your guys cosplay

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