Thursday, July 8, 2010

Giant Update After Anime Expo!

Hey Guys!

Phew! We got back from Anime Expo earlier this week, and we have so much to update with!

First of all, AX was such a blast! It was our first time going to a convention other than Fanime, and our first time having to travel and stay in a hotel for one. The whole con was a wonderful first experience for us, and we met so many awesome people! There were a lot of great cosplays too. :)

If you want to see a video of our convention coverage, check it out!

We had around 3 hours of clips we had to edit down and choose from for our Youtube Channel, so it took forever for us to choose our favorites and edit the video :3 We took video from all 4 days, so it's accurate to the highlights of each day, which is great to look back on. We will be updating our Deviantart account by the middle or end of next week, we're still accumulating pictures that we can use online, and processing the photos we took.

Here are just some of the awesome cosplayers we saw at the convention:

That motorcycle was amazing! It must have taken forever!

Sarahceratops has a thing for Aurons :3

Also, shoutouts to the Rosalina we met, as well as the awesome Bowser Jr. and Petey Piranha, it was so cool to have such awesome Nintendo-themed costumes at the con. We also just loved talking to everyone in general, the attendees of the con were all so nice!

And finally, if you saw us at the con, please let us know! We love hearing from people that saw us in person, we talked to a lot of people there. :D Alaurei talked to one in particular who recognized us and mentioned reading our blog, so let us know in a comment if you were him! Sarahceratops was off taking that picture of Auron but would have loved to thank you for talking to us too. :] People that read our blog regularly make us feel warm and fuzzy.

Thanks so much guys!

...And still to come in the next week or two:
  • Mega64 Panel video
  • Kairi Keyblade tutorial/video
  • Updates to Deviantart with Fanime and Anime Expo pictures


  1. Hi Girls,

    Glad to hear that you had fun at Anime Expo. I was that guy who recognized you two and read your blog =p Anywho... I have some of your pictures. I guess I should send them over =p

  2. Opps, forgot something. Just so you know, I started a flickr group for AX10. Your cosplay has been photographed by several other photographers as well as edited for effects. There's over 2000 pictures so you're gonna have to do some rummaging. Message the photographers if you want a copy.

  3. Thanks Albert! We'll sort through everything you sent us, it was really awesome of you to let us know all of this!

    Hopefully both of us will see you at AX next year too :D

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