Friday, April 2, 2010

Cosplay Update: Princess Daisy

Hey everyone!

So my cosplay is about 75-80% done, the accessories have been made (see youtube channel), and my parasol has been ordered online. I still need to find a wig, but I've been so picky it's taking forever. :P I ordered one that seemed to be the perfect color online, but when I got it in the mail it was almost black. Take that as a warning everyone! Be careful ordering wigs online, make sure it's the right color before getting it in the mail, I was able to send mine back but a lot of wig sellers don't do that.

I still have to add the stripes on the dress, and the trim along the collar, and once I do that I'll take pictures and update this post. For now, I have everything the same as the video showing the process of it on our channel. I'll also update with my wig when I finally order it. :3


  1. Where did you buy your parasol and wig?

  2. @Anonymous - The parasol was purchased on ebay, as was the wig. Sometimes you have to wait around and check a couple of months in advance to find one that you like the best. :]

  3. OK thanks! I am planning on doing princess daisy for a Halloween costume contest. My wonderful boyfriend is going to be Luigi. My dog is going to be bowser and his is going to be Toad! <3