Monday, April 19, 2010

Cosplay Update: Princess Daisy #2

Hey everyone! I finally finished the whole dress!

It was a really stressful process, especially towards the end, but I'm pretty satisfied with the final result. :] The stripes on the bottom are too far apart in my opinion, but I can't do anything about that unless I can get ahold of the same kind of fabric when I come back up from school, so I can remake it with thicker stripes. I only had a certain amount to work with, and this was the thickest I could get them with what I had :[

Ahhh! It feels so weird to have finished it. Here's some pictures of me working on it this weekend:

Thanks for reading! I still have to work on the parasol, they don't have a really bright yellow one like Nicki got, so I'm working on dyeing a white one once I get mine here. I also have to order gloves, but other than that I'm done!


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